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EDIT MC15 is no longer offered for sale. Please see Upgrade to MC16.


New Features

Here's a list of new features in MC15.


Shown above -- Cover View (full screen) in MC15

How to Upgrade and Purchase

1. Download J. River Media Center 15.0.80 or higher from our download page. You may also find a newer, but possibly less stable, version of MC15 in the first thread at the top of the MC15 board. It's called "Media Center 15.0.xxx -- Download Here".

MC15 can co-exist with MC11.1, MC12.0, MC13, or MC14, and it can convert old libraries to the new format. Backup your library in MC14, for example, and restore it in MC15. As part of restoring an MC14 license, you now also have an option to import your old settings.

2. To purchase, you will choose "Buy" in MC15's Help menu. You should see these prices: First time purchase: $49.98 or Upgrade purchase: $26.98. If you see the upgrade price, you're ready to go -- just purchase.

If you see the full price, but you believe you should see an upgrade price, you will need to install an old version and license it. Also see "Problems with Vista and Win7" below.

Recovering Your License

  • You can recover your license for any version back to MJ8, by using the Registration Code you received by e-mail from buy-button at jriver. You can enter it on the Restore Page.
  • If you can't find the e-mail, you can use the Restore Page option #2 to ask our license server to e-mail you your license. You can also change your e-mail address there if necessary.
  • If you have questions, please post on Interact.

Converting Old Libraries

You may chose to start fresh and let MC15 import your files.

MC15 can also read and convert an MC14 library. It can also optionally copy user settings from MC14 (use File/Library to back up from MC14, then restore in MC15, reading carefully). For older versions, it may be possible to install each upgrade, one by one and let them convert your old libraries.

Old versions can be found here.

Problems with Vista and Win7

Windows UAC can cause a problem for MC13 and older versions. If you don't see an upgrade price, please try this:

1. Install MC15.

2. Run MC15 and use it to restore your older MC license.

3. In MC15's Help menu, select the Buy option. You should see the upgrade price.

For More Help

If you need a hand, please post on Interact.

Thanks for your interest in J. River Media Center!

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